Why is it worth it?

While devising the order processing method, we focused primarily on the convenience of our customers. Therefore, your level of involvement may be limited to the absolute minimum, i.e. specifying the item of interest to you. We will take care of the rest for you!

How do we operate?


  1. you call or send us an e-mail,
  2. you inform us of the parts you need,
  3. you provide us with the machine data,
  4. we contact our suppliers across the world,
  5. we check the availability and prices of the components you are looking for,
  6. we call you back, and you decide if the terms and conditions of the order are acceptable,
  7. if not, we keep looking,
  8. finally, we find the machine parts, that meet your needs,
  9. we organise transport,
  10. the goods arrive at your designated address.

We do not present a fixed, rigid price list. We adjust it to your expectations each time.


For us, a comprehensive customer service also means organising the delivery of selected goods. Since we import construction machinery parts from many countries across the globe; we offer various forms of transport. You can choose the form that suits you best, and these are:

  • road transport,
  • air transport,
  • maritime transport.

Moreover, we cooperate with a friendly freight forwarding company, which enables us to deliver goods also at weekends.

We ship to every location in Poland.
Free transport for parts weighing less than 100 kg!
Delivery is even possible the following day.

Delivery time depends on the type, weight and availability of parts.


As proof of the quality of the offered machine parts, we decided to grant a warranty for each ordered component. The basis for the guarantee is the VAT invoice unless otherwise agreed.

New parts are covered by a 12-month warranty and a 3-month or 6-month warranty for reconditioned parts.

The customer chooses the appropriate form of warranty. Possible options include:

  • replacement with a new product,
  • repair,
  • a refund.

The rules of advance payment are also subject to individual negotiations.

What else speaks in our favour?

  • Extensive product range: you will find parts for virtually all construction machines in our offer,
  • Volvo parts: we have no competition in Poland,
  • negotiable prices,
  • a broad selection of original, replacement, reconditioned or used parts,
  • all parts are imported on request, so there’s no stock left in the warehouses.

House Machinery Parts – parts for construction machinery: import, distribution and transport.

You are welcome to contact us!