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Release the seal on GF or Magic. There are 8 minions in total, including the often-recurring boss Ti… You'll be prompted to name your new GF (Default: Eden), assuming you Drew it here. However you get there, examine the left wall behind the pillar nearest to the camera to open a hidden door with the Treasure Vault Key. When this happens, shift your attacks to the newcomer to keep Apocalypse from being used. You'll also receive any drops (including AP and Exp) from the Vysage, Lefty, and Righty you fought at the beginning of the battle. Squall should stick to Renzokuken while Zell uses the Booya-Punch Rush combo for Duel. Stick Thundaga to Elem-Def.In addition to its arsenal of Magic, Catoblepas uses strong physical attacks. Violence, Suggestive Themes, Mild Language, Animated Violence, Best Movie, TV and Comics of the Year Awards 2020, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Krysta has a very high Magic stat and when defeated will cast Ultima as a departing gesture. Trauma is the curator of Ultimecia's extensive art collection. If you're desperately seeking Abilityx4, you may wish to take the time to find the Rosetta Stone tucked neatly away in a box submerged in the castle's Waterway. YOU'LL REGRET FIGHTING ME!Krysta Krysta is a boss from Final Fantasy VIII, encountered on the Terrace of Ultimecia Castle. With Angel Wing, Rinoa should be in a magic berserk state with her spells dealing 5 times as much damage, making Meteor extremely effective, Use Holy Wars for insurance. This Bahamut palette-swap can either be very dangerous or very easy depending on how you prepared. Continue with the Limit Break onslaught. This Iron Giant palette-swap's main calling card is its incredible defenses (maxed out, in fact). Ride the chandelier to the bottom, then examine the lever near the green light. Return to the main hall, and go back to the basement (follow the right door past the Art Gallery). Pick up the Floodgate Key in the Storage Room, return to the Elevator Hall, and switch back to your primary party. If inflicted with ailments, remove with Treatment. After falling, Trauma leaves behind an Elem Atk, which teaches a GF the Elem-Atk-J ability. Conveniently, the boss even has Demi for you to Draw-cast, but Diablos' Summon will also work (so will Cactuar's, incidentally, as its damage is fixed). Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY., it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. Your task: open and close caskets until all four are simultaneously open. Repeatedly summon the Dark Messenger and/or use Cactuar's defense-ignoring attack and you'll soon bring the brute to its knees. Junction Tornado to Elem-Atk and Drain to ST-Atk. When all the bars are gone, enter the Waterway, go east to your prize. Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY., it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. Walk up to it dead center. Sphinxara will pose a fleeting threat as it may afflict members of your party with status effects while you're temporarily unable to remove them. However, if you're looking for a specific enemy it's usually best to look elsewhere. Unseal Item, or else Limit Break if you already have Item. If the party that just fought Red Giant is the one you're currently using, simply run left from the green light above the stairs to the dungeon, ride the right-hand elevator down, and board the left-hand one. Simply use the Draw command and you'll obtain Eden. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. After admiring this last piece, take a moment to glance over the railing and study the clock face hewn into the floor below. To reach the Armory, head for the lower level of the Art Gallery, take the far doors, and go down the steps on the far side of the Party Switch Point. On the lower level, you'll find to the left of the staircase from left to right IGNUS, INANDANTIA and IUDICIUM and to the right of the staircase INTERVIGILIUM. Begin by attacking with two characters of opposing Elem-Atk junctions. Solving the puzzle will summon Trauma to the stairs behind you. If you lack Siren, this is necessary regardless of which path you take, because you'll need the Draw Command in either case. As to damaging it, Krysta has a Spirit stat of exactly zero, meaning Magic will far out-damage physical attacks here, and you need to make your hits count in order to avoid the punishing counters. The other method, and the one the game intends for you to use, is to use Gravity attacks until its HP is really low (double digits), then finish it off. He's talking in the classical definition of chivalric romance , a genre and time where to love someone meant to be loyal to them, as a knight would proclaim his love for his king. will leave their usual marks. The Dromas will only use Mini Pulse Cannon, which is much weaker than Trauma's version. Tiamat is a flying monster strong against Fire and Thunder and immune to Wind. To reach the raised right carriage head for the lower level of the Art Gallery, take the far doors, climb the steps and go left, and proceed to the opposite end of the passageway. The organ in Ultimecia's castle. When Gargantua surfaces, you can whittle away at its HP while side-stepping its counterattack by using attack Magic or you can pursue a more expeditious victory. Once you manage the feat, pass through the now-open doorway and follow the path to the end. From here, return to the Chapel and go up the stairs. For the remainder of the battle attack with any means at your disposal (except anything lightning-based, as this guardian monster absorbs the damage) until the behemoth succumbs. Preparation Squall and Rinoa are good for this battle, you’re third is up to you. Sphinxaur and Sphinxara have an embarrassing 10,000 HP each no matter how high their level is. Don't panic should this happen. It attacks with a massive Lightning-elemental counterattack should you hit it with anything other than its weakness. (37) Ultimecia’s Castle Unfortunately Ultimecia will randomly choose which characters start the battle off. There's a waterway below and the key will be washed to the area immediately outside the Armory (unless you've closed the Floodgate, in which case the key will fall just out of reach behind a grate in the area below. Return to the basement area with the waterways when you're done. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Eventually, Ultimecia's lower half will join the battle, and the top half will draw Apocalypse from it. Also get Shell status on your party. However you get there, switch to the "female" party and go to the next room. Give someone the ability to inflict the Zombie status, as well as someone with either Revive (preferable) or Recover if you have Command Ability unlocked (otherwise equip Item). A walkthrough for Ultimecia’s Castle including where to find each of the bosses - a section of the Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough by Jegged.com Level: 1 - 50 HP: 10,000 - … The hatch leading to the cellar is located in the Grand Hall (beyond the doors left of the foot of the staircase in the front Hall and through the doors at the opposite end of the passageway). Ultimecia's castle N/A N/A Pandemona, Demi Diamond Armor, 30 AP Tri- Point A living weapon made of a dragon. Head for the Art Gallery, challenge Trauma, and release the seal on GF. Version: 1.51 | Updated: 12/19/2019 Highest Rated Guide. Junction Earth protection to Elem-Def, as well as defenses against Berserk, Silence, Curse, and Slow, in order of importance. I'm playing an old save, so I don't really remember anything or where I am. Ascend until you're level with a swinging pendulum; mash X as it approaches to reach a balcony on the other side. The most important thing, though, is to Draw Eden! Sooner, that is. Head for the Wine Cellar, challenge Tri-Point, and release the seal on Limit Break. (If you already have the Armory Key, skip ahead to the next paragraph.) As you can see, you either have Fire protection in Elem-Def, or your ashes will be all over this dreary castle (the only ways to survive otherwise are either an extremely high HP total or by sacrificing GFs). Walk (don't run or it'll fall) across it to the key, and hit X by it to receive the Armory Key. I'm saved right before the Ultimecia … 22,400 Ultimecia's castle … When she starts talking, hit her until she runs out of things to say and dies. Walk when you go to pick up the key, running will shake the bridge and cause the item to slip off the edge. The Floodgate Key is on the floor in a Storage Room accessible only via the primitive lift in the Elevator Hall. Cast Triple on someone and have that character use Aura, while another person casts Meltdown. Have a Gay Old Time : Seifer's "romantic dream" of being a Sorceress Knight. You can also equip Slow to ST-Atk, but it's not really necessary. Your first order of business is to Draw the GF Eden. When you get to play your own music in the organ, press Square, Triangle, Circle,. Attack continuously with all members of your party. Carbuncle can be drawn here if you missed it from the Iguions. You can draw Leviathan here if you missed it from NORG back in Disc 2. Trauma is weak against Wind and vulnerable to Drain (as are its offspring, the Dromas). Junction Pain or Bio to ST-Atk and let loose. The way this works is basically every time you beat a boss inside of Ultimecia Castle you'll be able to unlock one of the sealed commands (as shown above). This means finding a way to negotiate the hazardous chandelier. Stick Quake or Water to Elem-Atk. For more information, including reviews and cheats, follow these links: Guide written by Finn WhiteGraphics by Peer. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! Examine the large canvas hanging on the left side of the lower level and you'll discover the title is too faint to read. Follow up with a barrage of strong GF attacks (excepting Shiva and Brothers) and your semi-precious foe should have few if any chances to harm you. It will charge up to use it; once it's done spelling it out, it will cast it, then repeat the process. (Note: At this point, if you fought Tiamat and already got the Armory Key, you can unlock the Armory (right-most door) and fight Gargantua now. Gravity also works, meaning Diablos can deal some nice damage, as will any GF really with proper damage boosting abilities for that matter. Gargantua is lurking at the rear of the Armory behind a locked door. Head for the Treasure Room, challenge Catoblepas, and release the seal on Resurrection. The RPG master craftsmen at Square roar back after the success of Final Fantasy VII with this, an even more breathtaking, expansive and emotional adventure. Take note that while invincible, all status enhancing magic spells will miss, so just recast them once the invincibility effect fades. Once you've reached the castle, the only things you're required to do are locate the Master Room and defeat Ultimecia. Krysta is a flying monster immune to Ice. Sooner or later it'll fall to your attacks. Put Wind-elemental magic on Elem-Atk, then we have a date with an odd yellow robot. This crystalline being leaves behind an Elem Guard, which teaches a GF the highly-useful Elem-Defx4 ability to open 4 Elem-Def slots. Go through the door that Sphinxaur was blocking before. And I read you can leave the castle and do a few things, but where exactly? You'll be presented with a list of the pieces you've inspected and an opportunity to decipher the obscured title. Give someone the Draw Command if you missed Pandemona from Fujin earlier. Either way, approach the half-buried head for a fight. Krysta awaits you on the Terrace, located beyond the doors on the far side of the upper level of the Grand Hall. Pick up the box here to receive a Rosetta Stone, Ultimecia Castle's grand treasure (in a soggy cardboard box no less). Check all the paintings, paying attention to the titles. By this time you may have the sneaking suspicion solving this mystery will be the key to finding Trauma. Try to raise your Spirit as high as you can, as well as Magic. Enter and be locked in. If you have both unsealed, go for Item. Note that Eden maxes out its HP naturally around Level 70, so you can unlearn the GFHP+X% abilities safely. Tri-Point is a bit of a "gimmick boss." Add your answer Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. It's the ultimate GF and has a spectacular ability set, so just do it. However, if your man-or-womanhood rests on being crowned the finest fighter in the world you'll feel the burning need to face this horror. Now return to the entrance hall (use the hallway to the left of the room with the chandelier room). Back at the front Hall and switch to your support party. Red Giant polices the Prison Cell, located beyond the far doors on the lower level of the Art Gallery, down the steps on the far side of the Party Switch Point, and through the doorway on the left. There’s no "if you’re low level, you shouldn’t have much trouble" this time. Unlock Limit Break, or, if you already have it, GF. Look closely along the left side of the passageway and you'll see a door situated near the center of the hall. I keep reading down this chain and portals, but I can't find no chain. Up the steps is your first boss, which you naturally should fight. This boss also carries the GF Siren so draw it if you missed your chance from Elvoret. Switch to your other party. Eden can be drawn here if you missed it in the Deep Sea Research Center. Continue to exploit this knowledge until Tri-Point falls. Take the right door this time, and head to the art gallery. To be more technical, the game registers whatever keys were pressed when the note dies. In order to claim it you must first drain the aqueduct and in order to do that you must first get the key that unlocks the lever that operates the floodgate. Go to the Chapel, play the organ to lower the Waterway gate, and pick up the Rosetta Stone. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch PC Xbox One PC PlayStation Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. re: The organ in ultimecia's castle quote Basically, each of the eight notes on the Organ corresponds to one of the eight bars covering the doorway in … Your next big battle (Krysta) is the last possible source for it. First, and most importantly, most of your abilities will be sealed at first upon entering (though you'll still have access to them anytime you're outside the castle).

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