buyer claims item not received but tracking says delivered

If an A-Z claim is opened, then provided you added tracking to the order, Amazon will give you 3 days to respond to the claim and you will need to provide evidence of delivery, but even then, if not a fully tracked service, they tend to refund the buyer. A human being, who can reason, will read your email and should see sense, Amazon’s finding in favour of a buyer even when the item is tracked is not a myth for me - I wish it were. Its a very heavy sanction for fraud. I'm done with eBay, this is absurd. Easy to use. People lose cases because they don’t represent themselves very well / don’t spoon feed Amazon with the info. Ebay is turning into anover amazon. Buyer claims he has not received it. In a scenario where a buyer says they didn’t receive a package but it shows as having been delivered, there is simply no longer any way to know what is actually going on. I sold a DVD on august 3rd. If the name on the signature confirmation matches the buyer, the A-to-z Guarantee team will deny the claim. It shows as delivered so you'd win an item not received case. Buyer queried whether the item had been posted, and correspondence revealed what had happened. Guarantee claims for packages that are signed for by a freight forwarder or an agent of the buyer (e.g. Buyer claims item not received. Help for New Sellers. Press J to jump to the feed. Just try early or late in the day. Amazon’s finding in favour of a buyer even when the item is tracked is not a myth for me - I wish it were. Here is a screenshot of the tracking information. Sold a video game, says delivered "left with individual". Help please! I will be cancelling my store subscription once the year is up (next month) and currently dropping my prices significantly to get rid of my items asap. I have never lost a case where I have proof of delivery when I’ve provided a tracking number with dispatch confirmation and they’re mainly Royal Mail Signed For, so not fully tracked. I think it’s going to be my turn to lose a substantial sum here and... I’ve read multiple cases on these threads of buyers claiming INR, the seller proving it was delivered, and then still falling foul of an A-z claim where Amazon favours the buyer. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Buyer claims item not recieved Tracking shows item delivered with signature, I have a buyer who claims item not received, however the tracking shows it was delivered. Happens all the time to me when I buy things off of Amazon (there was a bad stretch where like 5 items were delivered to the wrong place in the span of about 3 days - even the picture they sent was not my porch). For Item Not Received claims: "If the seller presents evidence that they delivered the goods to your address, PayPal may find in favor of the seller for an Item Not Received claim even if you did not receive the goods." Nothing you can do to block buyers, or prevent this from happening, it’s just another risk of online selling. 7. @askebay on twitter ask them to check into this. Don't say anything to inflame your buyer. However, this was an international order: Refund the buyer – The buyer will get a full refund, including the original postage costs. (here is a screenshot). My question is, will Amazon refund him even after I show him valid tracking information with his signature? The easiest way to resolve “item not received” requests is to provide tracking details showing the delivery address and delivery date of the item. Anyways not sure who would be responsible in this scenario (USPS perhaps, if you could somehow prove it? amazing how we have to reply to a buyer within 24 hours, but Amazon don’t have to reply and it’s been 10 days. Check your item's delivery information What annoys me the most is that the buyer never made any attempt to contact me before commencing the item not received process. I just encountered a buyer who goes like he hasn’t received his order. That was before eBay’s latest update to selling standards. I feel exactly the same. They would almost certainly lose any possibility of obtaining credit and will almost certainly be barred from holding a normal bank account under Bank of France rules.

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