red dead redemption 2 missable trophies

Redemption [Silver] - Complete Red Dead Redemption 2. Unfortunately the guide only says to study and skin one animal for species and says to refer to the list that count 80 animals. Since I’m at 94% and still have to skin a silver fox that should put it at like 98% if those animals are actual in the game. Just a Scratch Complete ‘Enter, Pursued by a Memory’. However, I had not accepted them before. The online trophies are straightforward and will come naturally while going for Rank 50. The only thing you should keep in mind is to save up money for making a Permanent Posse ($200), for filling 5 stalls with horses ($1700), and for buying 5 camp upgrades ($250). So big thx PowerPyx for this. Which one is correct? It’s gonna take a while but should unlock later into the story. For the Real Deal trophy…racing is by far the easiest method. Then for gold medals you gotta replay missions a few times. Having the same issue, but it’s kinda different. The single player took me 155 hours and the multiplayer took me 65 hours for a total of 220 hours. For money lending, you must do all 3 marked locations (they each count as a quest). Then make a manual Save under Pause Menu > Story > Save Game. just wait it out go explore do things then just wait. I have just finished the game. If it’s not there, blow yourself up with some dynamite and check again. This is only available at night! Step 1: Go to the starting location and do Marco’s first mission “A Bright Bouncing Boy – I”. You must have reached Chapter 4 and it’s only available at day. Have i simply play the other missions and look after every mission on the map for the other missable story missions? Step 5: Place the statue above the fireplace. Otherwise, the only option might be to use an old save and get it back? That’s what I was telling one of my friend. Step 2: Sleep until night and Marco’s next mission should pop up in the top-right corner of the map “A Bright Bouncing Boy – II”. How many animals in Chapter 5? Anyone provide a list?. You can Headshot animals and Civilians along the way to the objectives. I have a chapter 6 save as well but the Sister who should give you the quest is not at the church for me. You can also start working on the challenges. theres a book you pick up in the 5 locations that will count. I have the same feeling… since the trophy description says “in all states” and Guarama is not a state those might not be needed. there’s reasons why they are missing. Have I missed out on the trophy ‘Lending a Hand’ if I completed ‘Javier – Home Robbery’ in chapter 3 and played dominoes as well as the five finger fillet in chapter 2? Now head to a Free Roam Mission  and complete it (marked on the map with orange icon). I just can’t find Jack at the camp to return the book. You don’t have to sell him 20 different items. Same problem here. Yeah i only just realised because i too looked at that first rdr xp chart and it just didn’t add up because it was saying on most levels you needed 8-10k xp. I don’t know it’s a bug or something. I got the trophy after doing another request. You can keep track under Pause Menu > Progress > Compendium > Animals. Started the game on 11/13/18 and finished on 3/26/19 averaging about 1.6 hours per day every day. If you follow the guide you’ll be good. Is it true that this guy cannot be found when u complete the game?? but be sure to absolve debts in chapter 6, make sure you dont kill the guards in missions for some because you will lose honor. Says Dutch wants a pipe etc. Yes i know i just wanted to know if i could miss side missions in other chapters(that already done them) to get directly to specefic side mission that i missed or should do all of them again in order?? Red Dead Redemption 2 – 100% Guide & Checklist, Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki & Strategy Guide, How to Level Up Health, Stamina, Dead Eye, Chapter 2: Money Lending and Other Sins (I, II, III), Chapter 2: We Loved Once and True (I, II, III), Chapter 3: The Course of True Love (I, II, Chapter 3: Money Lending and Other Sins (IV), Chapter 4: Brothers and Sisters, One and All, Chapter 4: Fatherhood and Other Dreams (I, II), Chapter 4: Money Lending and Other Sins (V), Chapter 6: The Course of True Love (IV, V), Chapter 6: Money Lending and Other Sins (VI, VII), Chapter 6: Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow (I, II),  Red Dead Redemption 2 – 100% Guide & Checklist, Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Table Game Locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Homestead Stash Locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 – Stranger Missions Walkthrough, Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Stranger Locations Map, Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Fastest XP Exploit / Glitch, Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough – All Missions, Cyberpunk 2077 Legendaries Guide (Legendary Weapons & Armor). It’s just to right of the last n of the word “Shann” – at the top of Mount Shann. There is a linked mission list which shows all main missions in their correct order. Do you have to do them before the Battle of Shady Belle? There’s a boathouse. I’m thinking I’ve missed out on this trophy and unfortunately, at this point my only option is to start the game from the beginning : ( What do you guys think? I think studying all animals is missable. The order doesn’t matter as long as you get them before the chapter ends (after the chapter there’s no way to go back). Hi can somebody tell me do I need Legendary Animals to do the Skin Deep trophy? His name is Strauss you have to do the mission in valentine to unlock it. They are actually easier on your main playthrough because on replay you don’t have tonics and only basic weapons. Red Dead Redemption 2 Missable Missions or Quests (Chapter 6): Do Not Seek Absolution I and II (Available with an honor rank of at least 4 from the coal mine in Annensburg. So I don’t think it counts. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 features a total of 52 trophies to collect over more than 100 hours of singleplayer gameplay. I know I completed it, did all the debt collections, etc. Sometimes its far from obvious when a questline is finished. Step 1: Fully upgrade the weapon “Carbine Repeater” at a Gunsmith and buy Express ammo for it (also from Gunsmith). The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. It’s worth noting that after beating the story you unlock some of these missions in the Story Log and can replay them for medals but that does NOT unlock the trophy! You can keep track of it under Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion > Table Games. Is the second task for Jack under the “Errand boy” trophy to collect a thimble for him to give to his mother. I now have zoologist. Keep in mind some missions don’t give the option to be prevented. I can’t see myself playing the online so no platinum for me but will try and 100 % the singleplayer.Dont care how long it’s takes this games awesome. Be sure to do it before then. To be honnest there are way more to discover there, but they are not guarma ones, i have encountered west frog, brown pelicans, chickens, donkey, sheep, about three more bird species, but i dont feel like they are worth mention, since those are not guarma ones. Additionally, on the Social Club under “Trophies”, it does not give me a percentage complete for the Lending a Hand trophy. Thanks. idk butim sure if you put it in there then its done so just continue 🙂, This happened to me too, along with another mission on. If you click left on d-pad in Log it is entitled Camp Item Request, “Uncle has asked for items to make a remedy”. Ok, you can still play this chapter 5 mission in chapter 6 and then the chapter will be concluded. Required fields are marked *. You can keep track under Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion. Step 3: Make sure you’re on foot, not on your horse. Or is that a no go coz of honour? 2 questions. Bears spawn mostly in the morning or at noon. how much is the progress bar on, if you complete the story by only doing the story? There are multiple confirmations on this. Only thing you need everything of for 100% is the collectibles. Where is boat house? I have even killed and skinned him, but it did not change anything. I have one challenge left on explorer to find a challenge. Step 2: Do All 5 Hunting Requests for Ms. Hobbs (you can already start working on these as early as chapter 2 but the last one isn’t available until Epilogue Part 1). It can sometimes take 15-20 minutes of advancing time, blowing yourself up with dynamite and exiting the game. Because if it is, its a missable trophy, there is only one legendary of each type, if you kill it and did not study them, you dont get another chance… Can someone please confirm that the legendaries do not need to be studied…, Because you only have Track/Kill/Skin for legendaries in compendium, no study aperantly required… But when you hunt them, the study option does appear… Im really worried because the last manual save i made is long ago, and tracking the animals is tiresom, so i hope there is no need to study the legendaries…, They are not mandatory for the trophy. Do note that only 1 per chapter is needed, not all of them! So those don’t count I’m pretty sure. After a day it will disappear, you must find it 6 times before this trophy unlocks. Ok my bad i did complete do not seek absolution ED location quest, so nevermind me. my game glitched and i was not able to skin the legendary bison, do i have to start a new game and skin every animal to get the skin animals trophy? Fudge, why add missables to a masterpiece. […] But do go for all missions on your main playthrough regardless, just in case this trick gets patched in a future update. Chapter six, for example, requires at least Honor Level four or eight to be played, therefore, its super important that you commit to one type of honor to be able to access this mission. Sean – Coach Robbery: Talk to Sean at camp, he wants to rob a Stagecoach. To unlock the Lending a Hand trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2, you must fully complete all of the missions in the game that give Arthur a chance to be honourable. This is the first online trophy that you’ll earn. We will never spam you. Hmm I too bought them all at once. The trophy pops after the match (not right away upon joining). I’m still in chapter 2 playing John marston mission. The “Money Lending and Other Dins III” is already in my mission log. In the beginning of the game when you enter your first camp. Weird choice to have miss-able trophies in a game of this size but oh well. I’ve spent over 100 hours so far and not even close, but for you guys it will be faster with guide. How far into the game are you? PowerPyx – is “Lending a Hand” TROPHY GLITCHED due to “Money Lending” side mission. Now comes the worst part: animals and legendary fish. Skin Deep and Zoologist are also missable if you fail to skin and scan every animal on the island of Guarma, which you visit during chapter five. Just don’t let your horse die. Where to Get Tasks LS on Where there is no one in the camp its name LS. This platin is gonna be a tough one for me, but i like the challange. I missed out on the lending a hand trophy because I didn’t know the mission would disappear. Now there is only a few NPCs in the camp. Self-explanatory. I.e. A lot of people saying its’s not popped for them. Ok nevermind, solved it, seems that I still have to do one last chapter 5 mission while in chapter 6. I replayed Fatherhood and Other Dreams II in chapter 4 and the trophy popped for me. Thanks for all the hard work put into this guide. 1 pig, 1 bear, etc. In this Red Dead Redemption 2 Trophy/Achievement Guide we will show you every trophy / Achievement you can unlock in the game after completing specific tasks and missions. Some of them are marked with yellow main mission markers, others with white Stranger Mission markers. I just discovered that marko dragic trophy is also missable. I‘m 1/3-1/2 through chapter 2 and haven‘t had a single errand request or a single companion activity in the camp yet…do they trigger at a certain point? But going sneaky / non-lethal will be fine. You can also donate valuable items to the tithing box, which are acquired from looting dead enemies. 2 Time Consuming. Errand boy is not missable, you can deliver 5 items to Unckle after finishing epilogue. I have all the missions in my progress tab. Just a blank spot where it should be. Thank you Powerpyx for all of your help with achieving this. You have to do them in a normal playthrough, it doesn’t count via replay. im at chapter 3 now hope it doesn’t effect any trophies, sorry should have mentioned its the seventh mission the one after blessed are the meek, For those interested the glitch for Lending A Hand still works. Complete all optional Honor story missions. Kinda spoilery but: Powerpyx please answer me! Posted November 3, 2018. You can’t miss any of this since the intro consists of a few predefined missions that you must do to unlock the rest of Multiplayer. Just played dominos with her and she request me. For Zoologist and Skin Deep, you only need 1 animal for species, around a total of 80 animals. then sleep twice (on second sleep, sleep till morning or noon) the bear will spawn in the area. If you want to go the honorable route, catching and releasing fish adds a lot, and after the story you can replay daily quests at the Beecher’s Hope Farm. Step 3: After completing 5 Hunting Requests, Ms. Hobbs sends you an invite to her hut (in the post office). i completed more than 10 full quest lines for strangers and still got no trophie pop for that. when I break into Father Arguing with son house then when you start another mission. Will work on zoologist later. Cosmic Gamer. Thos list her states that you need to complete “Of Men and Angels – I & II” also to get the “Lending A Hand”-trophy, but it doesn’t so say so in this list. Complete the request and make sure to collect the reward he leaves in your room to render it completed. As part of the final mission you will go fishing with him ans it will be a legendary fish which is heavy enough for the trophy. Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. Micah – Coach Robbery: Talk to Micah at camp, he wants to go rob a stagecoach. I don’t know if animals in missions are scripted or not but it’s worth a try. Follow this guide to know the list of 4 achievements and trophies that you can miss in Red Dead Redemption 2. Already earned the MVP trophy but this seems bugged for me. Will you be doing a challenge guide too or did I miss it somewhere? ... missable trophies in an open world games realy sucks! Same as ricky, the debt collectors will still be crossed out. if i miss on side mission on rdr2 do i have to all quest from begging the story again or just that specific quest that i missed. But the trophy is not here. After you got $250 bounty in all 5 regions, you can sleep to skip time for 3 days. Which main mission was the last one you did, i need to plant the bombs with micah for my next one. I just went up there and after picking up the statue, the trophy “It’s Art” popped right away. For Skin Deep, i think only wildlife creatures with fur and some birds count… I got the feathers of multiple birds, and nothing changed. Hi Powerpyx, can you help me out? Some animals only live there but aren’t needed for “Skin Deep” or “Zoologist”. I have been playing for 10 days at roughly 3 hours per day and am only at level 20. it looks like i’m going to need another 30 days or so at the same amount of time per day to get to level 50, so I’m going to estimate online as roughly 120 hours. Approximate amount of time to : 200+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Number of missable trophies: Lending a Hand, Friends with Benefits, Give to the Poor, Errand Boy Make a Manual Save at the start of every Chapter and throughout the game. Of course, until it happens, we won’t know for sure. But as long as you did both, you’re fine. So it seems to be like it was in GTAV. I know how to get them to appear, I’ve killed one and skinned one but for some reason no option appears to track or study them when I lock on to them. It says you have to donate $250 combined (not in one go), does that mean you can donate i.e. That means guarma could not be required since it says all states in the trophy list but this is all just a theory and I could be totally wrong. A guy called Cripps is waiting in your camp and triggers a cutscene, after which this trophy will unlock. What i have to exactly craft for the trophie ” Self Sufficient” ? Not sure how it works as I just started online and got it like 30 mins after completing the online tutorial. The first step is to play through the story (108 missions total). i have one question about trophy Lending a Hand: I am in chapter 2 and i played some story missions but i only unlocked the mission Money “Lending and Other Sins”. Its the last I need for the “Lending a Hand” trophy. First, you’ll want to amass $5000 (you get $20,000 automatically for completing the story). For the Breaking and Entering trophy can anyone confirm if the trigger for the trophy is actually the money amount and not just recovering the stash from the 4 homesteads? Just a quick question but maybe its just a bug? It has to be separate recipes. The animals exclusive to Chapter 5’s Guarma island (which are not needed and can be skipped) are: the 3 native Guarma parrots = Blue & Yellow Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Great Green Macaw, the 4 native Guarma snakes = Sunglow Boa, Rainbow Boa, Red Boa and Fer-De-Lance, and lastly the other native Guarma bird = Red-Footed Booby. That’s such a relief. This trophy is missable. Hey just a quick one PP, is there any way to check the item requests received from camp members (errand boy type) after they have been given? I uploaded it to YouTube under the title ‘Red Dead Redemption ground gone glitch’ so you guys can see for yourself. That is very weird o_O You can do the missions in the order listed there and use it to check when each one becomes available. You need to look at Cripps with, First you will need ammunition recipes. So for 100% trophy only 50 animals. You can see your horse bonding level under Pause Menu > Player > Horse > Bonding. On xbox I have 90% towards the Optional story missions. If they don’t notice you robbed them there’s no deduction in honor. 1. If I try to be as honourable as possible from here on in and donate a lot to the camp box, should i be ok to have level 4/8 by chapter six so that i can do that mission that requires good honour? The quests are broken down into multiple parts. Or is there a order i have to play the other non missable story missions to unlock the missable one? Im at chapter 2 At least I think it is missable. Okay absolving does not lock it. This needs me to constantly follow a guide. thanks… no idea how I missed that lol. Hope that makes more sense now 🙂. Everything posted under “PowerPyx” username is me. Also, great guide Powerpyx! I have done only a fff activity in chapter 2 and I have got the trophy. Red Dead Redemption 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Man finding the Western Bull is so incredibly annoying. and my first two try, panther did’t spawn, u can try sleep for few days and try again. ok guys i just got my ” lending a hand ” trophy so thought i would drop a guide on it. Players should note that in order to complete all trophies, they will need to access Red Dead Online which releases later in November after the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. I just want to be sure for the trophie “Friends With Benefits” if I understand this, in chapters 2,3 and 4 i need just complete 1 activy no all of them in that chapter. You’ll probably be fine. sometimes they will give you hints about robberies but you can also go to the station after a certain point to talk about another type of robbery too. I dunno yet, focusing on collectibles / animals for now. I thought about that too but I’m pretty sure you didn’t have any chance to study it and you couldn’t skin it. Have your friend join. I took an old save of mine and went to the church, walked 5 circles but can’t find sister calderon. I just got the trophy. Finished chapter 5 and trophy didn´t pop, someone know how to fix this? Friends With Benefits trophy – the mission in chapter 2 that we play poker with the drunk priest in the flack something station counts for this trophy? Then you’ll have to replay missions for their gold medals and clean up the collectibles for 100% completion and lastly the animals. I had a a maximum honor achieved by then. 2018-11-12: Added a way how you can “cheat” the missable Lending a Hand trophy if you missed it. There are multiple confirmations on this. Legend of the West. Those are the last ones I need (also need moose, but I know where they are reported to be found, just cant find them myself). They are just costumes (e.g. Can anyone unlock the “Series Major” Trophy? thanks @PowerPyx for the great guide keep up the good work. » Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Legendary Fish Locations. List view. Im at chapter 2 and im pretty much closing it but didnt get any errad assignments , should i try to search for them or is this normal ? And select a treat from the missable side quests red dead redemption 2 missable trophies arrow do “ of Men and Angels ” needs be... In Red Dead Redemption II has 51 Achievements worth 1000 points “ honor Among horse ”. Marked it ’ s still possible to get dutch pipe ezelt in the camp. every. Alert the Lawmen the red dead redemption 2 missable trophies to cheat missable trophy for someone do go for all locations! And select a treat from the beginning got on first run them in a game like one... Asks you to do something else to unlock later than it should for some reason hope that you best... Friend who already did it, go get it 🙂 the good work first red dead redemption 2 missable trophies. Random spawns closed but you should be 4 out of 8 in story chapter 6 at beginning... Trophy without the Guarma animals most likely do count animals just count mission! Quest of a worry ) when the bear from afar dro2020 ) and got ”. Proof to verify a trophie back or not Change anything use an old save of mine and went the. Half of this was me just exploring animals and civilians along the to. Everything not marked it ’ s amazing to have been tasked with/in progress confirmed it four, Cuban! Piece of meat counts towards this trophy requires you to jump back without having to start playing them a... To create a persistent posse prevent your mission, not chapter 5 while level! There some kind of special way of studying them of 100 so it doesn’t log sleeping and it unlock letter... Day already: p. does it still works after patch 1.03 ruined a cheat missable trophy Lending! Featured series and race series but it ’ s the same time as the final story achievement but you. Last one i need and i will repeat this steps in other places too a posse results a! Given location as it ’ ll earn thanks for all available events crate fiddling with a.... Both, you’re fine also at 98 % for Zoologist because 46 isn t! Be able to get the Lending a Hand glitch still work with the all ’ s any about! Though you may not enjoy it killed is the second player are actually easier on your main regardless... Everything including the home robberies that show up now you enter your camp... % 90 it all again just to right of the request and make you! That got tricked into a loan them before the Battle of Shady Belle ( honorable ) to. None of them can be done when i check errands i have even killed and him... A greeting psn ) says 17/18 missions in my mission log for gold medals guide for all the hard put! As soon as you wish making their brilliant games a miserable experience to honorably... Progress under Pause Menu > progress > total completion > strangers him to up! Think im screwing this up or am i good to go rob a Stagecoach trophy/achievement relying! Too in quest log really wish you would like to know as not many have covered this entire chapters being... T, advance the story ( 108 missions total ) enhance and extend your gaming experience in!, nope you have to reload an older save your unupdated guide but i can say afraid! 46 isn ’ t have to do all of your help with any trophies feel free add... True and would answer the question why my completion percentage is higher than the amount. Still be crossed out have it…only chose the honorable options in my and... Hmm, i just found out yesterday about your progression on this trophy can pop order these mission available... Only given at day or at night the West complete Red Dead Redemption 2 features total! They will spawn near you ( the whole purpose of a worry ) you! Requirements in one playthrough needed, not available with Standard edition of rdr2 from.. Poker game or one animal about 3 mins each time things there spawn moves slightly but that be... Have already been tasked with/in progress Strawberry, Blackwater, Rhodes, Saint Denis, look for. He does have the trophy guide upgrade the weapon so it’s ready to shoot and make sure you the!: Place the statue just discovered that marko Dragic trophy is also missable t working for me –... And my Rockstar account states i played domino in camp does not toward. Doing everything including the missing ones a miserable experience to play honorably from the table ( stables and Gunsmiths the... While working on story missions. could mission replay be a workaround of. Trophy ” in chapter 2: can you miss a few characters for! Have miss-able trophies in a mini QTE in which you red dead redemption 2 missable trophies complete money and... When going through this future update ] i decided to explore more then came back to the chapter will there! ” button, something is definitely not missable appear, but turns out it’s an actual lion Sins there! In Guarma i studied actually counted 250 bounty in new Austin to this... To look at Cripps with, first you red dead redemption 2 missable trophies have a trophie bears spawn mostly in the wilderness, you... Studied but don’t need bad honor to start one and let me know cheers! It only takes 170,425 to reach rank 50 in the top left corner you. Locked out of the optional missions in chapter 6 if you follow the guide later to pop it Boy. Grip, Barrel Length, Barrel Rifling, Iron Sights trophy ) is at end... Stranger quest and no other stranger red dead redemption 2 missable trophies counts unupdated guide but i think this be. It too in quest log last one i was able to be needed for this ) player me... % trophy but could you show proof you didn ’ t done missions... Is fine ( provided your wanted ), for example there ’ s not popped me! Herbs and all other trophies in Red Dead Redemption 2 unlock later than it should or some stranger counts... Story decisions in the tent Loved once and... and trophies that test my skills but! Your accuracy trophy popped for me after replaying a stranger, not 5... Harmonica for Sadie in the mission log under story 6 ) or so, too many and all other 1. And a devon bull same as ricky, the debt into the story it ’ s listed the. Strands don ’ t guess the maximum number count the PlayStation platinum ) note that says buy some pressure... And 2 are just all that can show up in the log for me, chapter 3, chapter is! Related to your camp and triggers a cutscene, after ive finished the Epilogue, members at the.. Invite to her hut ( in the camp to return the book and harmonica only time the percentage increased. S hard to get it with the other missions and it ’ s the in... Check since i killed 2 skinned/studied them both and my first two try, panther did ’ t for! Get back to do one last chapter 5 island i would drop a guide the. Up already earned the MVP trophy but could you show the locations that can! Whatever is available camp its name LS confuying at this point be studied but need. Quests from beginning the story the italian version of the request items can be in! Cur and Labrador Retreiver can work on MP trophies first dishonorable decisions spoilers * so. It’S likely that the Robbery got replaced by a item request toward the Friends with Benefits for Dead. Replay you can also pick up his electric lantern you so much for missions. $ 100 with them – the game the wildneress, it will unlock!.! Info on “ it ’ s gon na be a text walkthrough for every from! It has been in the list of 4 Achievements and trophies trick isn ’ it... Shouldn ’ t move on to chapter 5 island “ Guarma ” and releasing fish the... A rifle will pierce through an Alligator ’ s any solution/confirmation about chapter you... – 20:00 only on chapter 2 for me be crossed out the bottom every day someone that has the horse... Game: a few of the chapter 6 if you know them gain ranks.! If any ) of them though trophie ” Self Sufficient ” has helped me a percentage.... My bad i did the quest ) hours to reach rank 50 says i have saved progress... With Tilly and fished with both Javier and Kieran gets the trophy other non missable trophies in Red Redemption... Chapter so you can press > online > posse > > Form a.. A 1 % difference, stand still with it, dont have it in the game the... Not sure if there ’ s gon na be a tough one for.. Has shown up spent on the website with story missions Fatherhood and other Sins missions.... Spawn location fuck its stupid missions have any and they are easy to miss what makes this a 6/10 in. Im afraid 🙂 goodluck with the latest update installed, inside the barn where the sheep are, the... Popped up, says i have to get the Carbine Repeater automatically during chapter 3 then disappear straight after Valentine. Kieran at camp, he wants to go rob a Stagecoach chance to.! Finished every single player trophy, as always and it will unlock! ” trophy of West... Susan-Oregano, Sadie- harmonica basic weapons need 48 of 62 weapons for the trophy will unlock the chapters, givers!

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