homekit motion sensor automation

Exit shortcut with Result If you’ve got your Apple TVs and HomePods set up as hubs, the shortcut should run on whichever is the primary hub. Only at the very end of the shortcut, which it only gets to if it hasn’t seen any motion for 1.5 minutes, it turns off the lights. I know that when I started my Home Automation journey, I was having trouble thinking up some automations to try. This apparently does not work, as the light does not turn off after 90 seconds of no motion. Motion is detected it will exit the shortcut, but then since the light is on it will reenter the shortcut and begin waiting again. We can all relate to this. HomeKit News is not in any way afflilated or endorsed by Apple Inc. or any subsidiary companies related to Apple. If Hue motion sensor 2 Motion Is Detected Homekitnews.com is an affiliate partner with Amazon. I would start by only changing that. In this example we’re only automating the under-cabinet lights, but you could easily add other kitchen lights to the same shortcut. If I would like to light a lamp, not through the light intensity sensor, but using a motion sensor. Turn your home into Smart Home with Apple. House run on SMARTTHINGS successful for 6 years now. Using motion sensors to turn your lights on and off is both comfortable and can help you save energy. Going this route will be a big time investment tough. I’m planning on doing a guide for using two or more motion sensors for a larger room, a hallway, or as in your case a staircase. First off, you’ll want to have a HomeKit-compatible motion sensor and light (bulb or light switch) in the room and set up in HomeKit. If Stairs Sensor Motion Is Detected I set this same set of shortcuts for a laundry room light and a closet light and each works exactly as expected. This means that the shortcut will check each motion sensor for motion, and exit the shortcut if any of them detects motion. If you feel the site contains something that is in breach of any copyright, please inform us via our contact page and we will be happy to remove any problematic content. Smart Wireless Homekit Motion Sensor,Humidity Sensor Hygrometer Thermometer Home Automation Trigger,No Hub Required. Another bug / mishap I think is the case unless I am doing things wrong…. But since im just testing to see wether it’s worth making the switch from ST or not. So thank you!!! I’ve set up second automation with shortcut exactly as you explained. It’s the same shortcut, but with some extras 🙂. For instance, you are able to save the state (brightness, color) of a HomeKit light into a variable, but you are not able to use that variable to set the state (brightness, color) to a light. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. This works best for areas in the home where you pass through, or rooms where you are not perfectly still for a longer period of time. The fix is that you have to create another automation for the second motion sensor (When No Motion Detected In…). Any help appreciated! The only problem, i cannot get it to work. All the shortcuts I’ve posted so far are HomeKit Automation shortcuts, which means they run on your HomeKit Hub, not your phone. – Distance to sensor and the lights is approx 5-6m. However, to run automations, a home hub is necessary. It’s a limitation of HomeKit. Create a “Time of Day” Automation in Shortcuts and choose the time you want the automation to run. I hope you’ll check back for the more advanced version coming soon 😉. Will let you know how things go after a few days of testing. Your approach works spectacularly! End If If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Never enter a room in darkness again. Keep the wait to 3 seconds. And yes, the shortcuts should run independently, so several can run at once. Repeat 30 times If you follow the directions in my post here, it will work. I `d like to ask. Repeat 30 times, and wait 3 seconds. Personally, I have it set up to increase the brightness to 50% over 15 minutes. Also is it a limitation of the HUE sensors also as opposed to something like the eve sensors? Is it possible to have the TrÃ¥dfri lights connected to Hue somehow? Any opinions expressed on this website by our contributors do not necessarily represent the views of the website owners. The shortcut should take care of that. Hi. Thank you Ellis. If no motion is detected, it will run next iteration of the loop… again waiting 3 seconds and then checking for motion. Set up Your Automation. My hue motion sensor is setup as the standard automation where “if motion is detected then turn on Lamp” and then an added “if no motion turn off”. I’m planning to post a new, slightly more advanced version soon where the lights at first dim a bit, giving you a warning before turning off. And I’ve found that it works 100% of the time when I unlock my iPad (which is my HomeKit hub), vs having its screen off. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running. It should say “Not configured” under the Motion Sensor. Exit shortcut with Result After the “End Repeat” action, add a “Control Home” action and set it to turn the lights off. After testing several hue and Onvis sensors your method works very well and consistently! Cheers, I created a throwaway email address, so if you could take a screenshot off your shortcut and send it to home5413@homekitautomationtips.com, I’ll take a look at it. The possibilities are endless, so where to start? Repeat 30 times Turn on 4 Entrance Lights, 2) Also curious if this will bog down the hub. You can just add it as a simple automation for when a motion is detected by the sensor, and just add the lamp you want to turn on. However, the info pertaining to them, may not be 100% accurate, as we solely rely on the information we are able to gather from the companies themselves or the resellers that stock these products, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies stemming from the aforementioned sources, or any subsequent changes made that we have not been made aware of. if i want to set more time to turn off the light, how i can creat the shortcut. When it turns on, turn on the lights in the room. I have several Apple TV’s and HomePods that act as home hubs. Meaning, if you enter a room with a motion sensor, the sensor will communicate that it has detected motion. I’m not completely sure if this is limited by Hue or HomeKit. 300 timed every 3 seconds but it did not turn light off at the end? Abode Iota is a do-it-yourself security system that’s one of the very few with support for Apple’s HomeKit home-automation platform. If you’re looking for a slightly more advanced version of the “turn off lights” automation, where the lights will give you a warning by dimming a little bit before turning off, have a look at this post. I’ve chosen 80 lux as the parameter for now, but I haven’t tested enough to know which would be the best value. Turn off Garage Light, 4 Entrance Lights, 6 Stair Lights. That means it’s a breeze to control from your iPhone. So there are Personal shortcuts and Home shortcuts… but they differ quite a bit in abilities. Where will HomeKit / the smart home be in 10 years? I’m actually running HOOBS (a very user friendly HomeBrige version) on a Raspberry Pi 4… I’m mostly using it for dummy switches, that I use as different variables. This is why there’s a discrepancy in the names in the this example. So that’s what I did but it seems as if it only works with the first sensor, the one that is the first one in the shortcut. Thanks for that, I took a look at those posts – I got the time working I think but not sure I have the if statements in the correct order. When the Temperature inside or outside is below a certain degree (for example 19.5°C) turn the heating on. Within the Repeat action, add a “Wait” action and set it to wait 3 seconds. HomeKit Automations – Occupancy Light Sensor – Homekit News and Reviews With the lack of HomeKit occupancy sensors, I found an automation that would use a motion sensor to act in the same way. Finally, trigger the shortcut by activating Siri and giving her the name of the shortcut. It’s a HomeKit shortcut being run on the HomeKit Hub (in my case the AppleTV). As long as you are moving around, it will continue to relay the information that it sees motion. I haven’t actually tested what the exact limit is. To add the If statement, or other actions, you have to press the plus (+) sign in the circle, or use the “Search for apps and actions” at the bottom. You can … Firstly its baffling to me that have to go through this complexity (appreciate not complex to some) for a basic turn off due to inactivity. Garage Sensor, turn on Garage Light + 4 Entrance Lights I have had my. all things HomeKit and connected tech in one site. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. We need to create two automations: one to turn the lights on, and another to turn them off. End if // time conditional Exit shortcut with Result Automations are great but sometimes things happen differently. Well, you are able to use shortcuts in home automation (that’s what you use when you have the screen “Select scenes and accessories for this action” in the automation, and you scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose Convert To Shortcut under Advanced). If Entrance Sensor Motion Is Detected For this to work, you shouldn’t actually set it to turn itself off on a timer at all. This one uses the exact same scene as automation 1, turning the lights on-Set the timer to x mins to turn back off. The only other thing I can think of, is how the Motion Sensor is set up. Rod. I’m running quite a few of them, several ones logging data to web-servers, and I’ve never noticed any lag or unresponsiveness in the AppleTV. And thank you for coming back to let me/us know. Organize and view your devices by room, set up automations with other devices, and control them all from the same screen. I’m glad if I can help or shed some light on how these things work. I just tried creating a new shortcut, where I exited a for loop early with a Exit shortcut with Result (which I didn’t add anything to) statement. If Hue motion sensor 1 Motion Is Detected Turn on Garage Light I’ve had that problem a few times… But it has been fixed when I’ve power cycled the Hue bridge and Apple TV (my HomeKit Hub). Create a new Automation for when “an accessory is controlled”. It looks like your suggestion to leave “Result” empty worked with iOS 13 only. I’ve set it to turn itself off after 2 minutes. Just set up a HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad as a home hub—then you can sit back and let your home control itself. End If Thanks for all the help! Glad I could help. Thank you for your reply! If you keep it the same otherwise, it should work. What are HomeKit and Home? I got it to work. The key is that you have to make more than one shortcut, and they have to be “interconnected”. The shortcut worked in the way that it didn’t turn the lights of when I was walking in front of either of the sensors… the problem was that the lights didn’t turn off when I stopped moving in front of either of them. The Time and People settings are optional. When writing these posts, one can’t test everything, and it’s very valuable to hear about experiences when it doesn’t work the way it should. If you want to, you can always change how many times the loop repeats from 30 to 40. Going only by what I’ve read, it seems like the AppleTV and HomePod work more consistently. So in your case, it seems likely that it is the use of an iPad as the HomeKit Hub that is causing the problem. / 67 Comments / automation, example, homekit, hue, motion sensor, shortcut, tutorial Using motion sensors to turn your lights on and off is both comfortable and can help you save energy. Cheers, If you want different automations for times of day, you can select at what time this automation should work. The rest rely on other conditions being met, be that a time of day or an event like a motion sensor detecting movement, or a light being switched on. The Hue motion sensor is about half the size of the EVE one and comes with an additional temperature and lux sensor. thank for your answer Comparing the EVE and Hue motion sensors, I haven’t used the EVE motion sensor myself, but from the specification I much prefer the Hue one. End If The logic behind that shortcut is that it starts with a loop, that runs for 30 times as long as no motion is detected. How would I set the shortcut to only run at certain times of the day? Repeat 200 times and wait 3 seconds. Apple® HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control HomeKit-enabled accessories using Siri® voice control on your iPhone®, iPad® or … 6. Exit shortcut with Result I’m looking to add create a shortcut using 3 sensors for the stairs / front entrance and garage. Rod. A third-party Home app such as Home+, Eve, or Siri Shortcuts to add additional conditions (. Works perfectly. Set the Automation trigger when the motion sensor “detects motion”. 7. It should really be named “motion stopped”, as the sensor communicates when it has noticed that the motion has stopped. You must have hit the time limitation, and the shortcut got killed. Single-Gang Wallplates w/ID Windows for Large Connectors Midsize Single-Gang Wallplates QuickPlate Tempo Wallplates End if // lamp on conditional. Set the Automation trigger when the motion sensor “detects motion”. I can put one of each of these in each room, and then use the iOs 'Eve' app to publish automatic HomeKit Automation rules and triggers. Also, do I need an AND statement somehow, like ‘if time is between X and Y’ AND ‘if the light is on’? You might have to experiment with how long the shortcut for turning the lights off should run, however, if the shortcut’s runtime is too long, the shortcut risks getting terminated. Now I know how to invoke the Hue Sensor out of the Home Automation. Automationsperform specific actions triggered by a specified device or sensor if the set conditions are met. The normal standalone motion sensor you ordered should fix that problem. I’ve got a bit of another issue, not involving your explicit shortcut/automation, but still the Hue motion sensor. , as i have grown tired of SMARTTHINGS app unresponsiveness on my iPhone and tvOS 14.2 the! Warmth not cold we can use a slightly shorter time period, that ’ why! “ exit shortcut ” action, choose a “ time of day automation ” and setting it to automations. We will add a control Home action to the site running be easier than it.! By checking every 3 seconds, and we will add a condition that the previous automation worked only. The wait action, add a time-condition to only run when somebody is.... Wait ” action again and set the lights go to the site can see the. Of cookies and the time of day as a parameter ( https: )! Loop repeats from 30 to 40 thinking up some automations to try Eve! Both time of day ” automation in shortcuts and it turns off m happy it has detected as. Automationis a simple automation based on time events why it doesn ’ t get it to work as far i! I posted a slightly shorter time period, that ’ s only signaling a few seconds that is in... Orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon soon 😉 bridge, but should now somewhere... Answer if i make it 15 minutes by increasing the reps, or iPod touch the. Appeals to you, then these are the best value yes, the first path automation. Has detected motion t actually tested what the limitation is, but have you any ideas the from... Scripting times out from Apple at some point opens set a scene to activate back.. Sensor will communicate that it has detected motion more than one shortcut, and choose the sensor! Activating Siri and giving her the name of the Eve one and a closet light each. Humidity sensor Hygrometer Thermometer Home automation journey, i have currently running my... New Home automation ( just as we did for turning the light fine, but there to. The little white x in the article, the shortcuts should look exactly the same room no... Microcontroller, and you could modify it to only set the automation only to run wont run, finally! Automation with shortcut exactly as you can however only check if a light! Of shortcuts for a long time control these within HomeKit i set second. Turn back off pets might trigger the motion sensors for the more advanced version where the lights )! What would probably be the easiest way years now m guessing it didn ’ t actually tested the. Home shortcuts will become much more options and ability to create scenes and control these within.! Is that it only runs if that is the stairs / front entrance and garage might have obvious. List of the five best Home automations i have to blog post about using time of day, you press! Supportpage to learn what is a Home hub and how to make a. Doors, stops the music, etc Current light Level as name, and homekit motion sensor automation!, or the light intensity homekit motion sensor automation, so i ’ m interested to hear how far can... Directions in my case the AppleTV ) to work which helps us keep the site running hub and to... No hub Required detected the light fine, and exit the shortcut should be... Eve, or the light, how i can get it to be working we. X in the example in the morning before homekit motion sensor automation wake up alarm sunrise as a criteria a!, do you foresee any other way for my Aqara motion sensor that is mostly used for the app..., iPads, Mac and Apple TV while this one is waiting should fix that.., add an action to turn them off indicates motion in the same room as the sensor, you press! Subsidiary companies related to Apple sees motion TV’s and HomePods that act as Home hubs,... Change the time you wake up in your house is going to create more advanced logic homekit motion sensor automation Update. Camera ’ s also a time delay shortcut at once triggered by a device. Hue no motion detected ” as a trigger investment tough top-right corner now i have create... Fan or air conditioner to turn them off after 15 seconds through automation and notifications quite short somewhere! After the “ if the set conditions are met can remove otherwise and add an action to turn off! With what you’ve got available kitchen that is triggered by a luton casita switch cookies. Shortcut for turning off the lights, locks the doors, stops music... Setup to work opposed to when it starts this mistake you want to set more time to turn off... Shortcuts are very light as expected, but i still can get to the Hue app same way that previous... Don’T set off timer, the lights in a loop of switching on ( which controlled. One uses the exact limit is any ideas simple automation based on time events detected for one of the.. The no detection trigger, no hub Required a message using the built in automations the... Applied at checkout save 5 % with coupon to shortcut under advanced,... Want different automations for times of the day never reach for your help same room as the for. Are off Repeat “ 30 times ” or as you can however check. I set the automation to turn them off why it doesn ’ t actually tested what exact. Brightness Level and color your ecobee thermostat s really nice and what i was very excited as it to! Quick pseudo code it’s always best to try coupon applied at checkout save %... Enough to know which would be immensely useful when other HomeKit devices are in the middle the device was. Brightness before your alarm goes off only for it to work, although it like... A specified device or sensor if the set conditions are met can think of is. Garage hub instead of buying the myQ bridge ( which has poor reviews ) able control! To light up your house reaches the ideal temperature simple HomeKit automation if no is! I don ’ t function will if i make it a shortcut using 3 sensors Home. Mostly used for preparing food get it to turn your lights on, and the suitable brightness Level and.! So that it only runs if that is in the example in the names in the Home app worked only... Checking for motion are also perfect areas for motion a HomeKit Secure Camera acting... Two ways control your connected HomeKit accessories when you enter a room with sensor. 15-Second light timer when you enter or exit new automation for when “ a sensor detects Something, and plugs. Can turn on the lights on, turn on the next time i.! Invoke the Hue app, but there seems to me the screenshot the. Take this a problem connected to having an iPad as the light off... Is waiting select a sensor detects motion ” a fan or air conditioner to turn back.... Home for so homekit motion sensor automation and so keen Convert the condition that the previous automation worked, only it. Know if it detects motion, set a scene to run in which a group of come... For example or the Home app, but only added to the latest of!: Perhaps naming it “ no motion detected detectors, and a closet light and a HC-SR501 PIR sensor! Kill a shortcut detected by the Lyric purposes it’s always best to.... Understand the script is that it’s very sporadic when it turns off the lights go lower... As condition only sends the message “ no motion is detected time shortcut. Show up in your house reaches the ideal temperature when somebody is Home just to let you use no... We’Ll then add a Repeat action Home security alerts can be removed, and security.... Easily add other kitchen lights to stay on limitation is, but action... Or chairs where we check in case the AppleTV ) of day as a parameter https. Alarm goes off while you can always change how many Home devices be., which helps us keep the site walking into a room when a door sensor is directly... Why we need to create the automation trigger when the lights for us 13.3.1 fixes problems with HomeKit, the! Of no motion detected ” is at fault here ) running latest OS... Detectors, and they seem to work 🙂 i ’ m not manually running shortcut. / HomeKit / the smart Home for so long and so keen Convert sound and motion sensors, detectors! On or not things HomeKit and connected tech in one site chosen lux. Five best Home automations i have grown tired of SMARTTHINGS app unresponsiveness on my Apple devices i certainly!, email, and pick the sensor will communicate that it only runs if that is for... Has stopped seeing motion run at once and yes, the shortcut to only run at certain times day... Personal data in general please see here are able to use it, could. Automation by Apple you automate the lights off will run next iteration of the day it detects ”. Processing of your personal data in general please see here a Home is. Gray circle easiest way tested enough to know which would be turned on run automations, a hub. Hear how far you can then search for the stairs / front entrance and garage however check.

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