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The 2008 battle of sadr city reimagining urban combat 1. During the spring and summer of 2007 the British SAS as part of Task Force Knight suffered several men seriously wounded as it extended its operations into Sadr City.[1]. It brought to 79 the number of militiamen killed in the three days of fighting in Sadr city. 11. Just my perspective. Another 15 soldiers also surrendered elsewhere in Baghdad. Sadr City Attack On U.S. 100 U.S. soldiers and more than 1,700 civilians were wounded. Members of the newly arrived 1st Cavalry Division and elements of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment were sent out to retake them. Heavy street battles, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, ensued for the next six months. Destroyed relationships, stopped us from fulfilling our mission by imposing a "no-go" order north of PL Gold. Your email address will not be published. On April 27, the Mahdi Army once again took advantage of a heavy dust storm which grounded US aerial forces to attack the blockades around Sadr City. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At least nine US Army combat battalions — the equivalent of about three brigades — are operating in or near Sadr City. Combat footage to propaganda ratio. An American graduate student who went to Iraq to find ways to help ordinary citizens persevere in a transitioning government was one of two American civilians killed in a Sadr City bombing. Combat troops are … More than 50 people were killed. This monograph was written as part of a project that assessed U.S. military operations in Sadr City, principally in spring and early summer 2008, to stop Shiite extremists from firing short-range rockets and mortars into the International Zone. After that Sadr declared a unilateral cease-fire to be implemented by all branches and elements of the Mahdi Army. By late November the operation ended with southern portions of Baghdad still remaining in al-Qaeda hands and the whole of Sadr City still under Mahdi Army control. Two U.S. diplomats and two Iraqi policemen were killed in the shelling of the Green Zone during this period. Never wanted to listen or even allow us to continue our mission, even though we had not been attacked there while training and patrolling with the IPs. [20][21], On April 15, the 769th Engineer Battalion, protected by 1-68 Armor Battalion C company M1 Abrams tanks, Stryker APCs and Apache helicopters, began construction of a massive concrete barrier along Al Quds Street, a major road separating the southern districts of Thawra and Jamilla from the northern districts which make up the heart of Sadr City. 12 “How Technology Won Sadr City Battle,” CBSNews, Web. A total of 579 Mahdi Army fighters have been confirmed killed in and around Sadr City since March 25, according to numbers compiled by The Long War Journal. Sadr City is a dense slum of some 2 million mostly Shiite souls crammed into 8 square miles of dilapidated public housing, where electricity is sporadic, sewage runs in the streets, and death squads routinely dump the bodies of their victims. These include the 2008 Battle of Sadr City and Israeli operations in Gaza where defeating enemy fighters without entering the city was the mission. On April 4, al-Sadr issued a statement calling on his supporters to stop staging demonstrations “because your enemy prefers terrorism”. Iraqi, U.S. [2][45][46], At least 941 people were killed. Also overlooked C, 1-64AR, 2BCT, 3ID. Occasional heavy street fighting occurred. Typical Sadr City street, where a coalition tank company arrived as troops clashed with local supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr. The barrier was designed to turn the southern districts of Sadr city into a protected zone in which US and Iraqi forces could begin reconstruction. Buy The 2008 Battle of Sadr City: Reimagining Urban Combat by David E. Johnson, M. Wade Markel, Brian Shannon (ISBN: 9780833080288) from Amazon's Book Store. Subdivided into six sections, the district is one of the poorest in Baghdad. [23], On April 17, a heavy dust storm engulfed Baghdad and the militiamen used this to their advantage, attacking the coalition front lines under the cover of the storm. However, Mahdi Army fighters remained in Sadr City, blended in the civilian population, with their weapons. A Bagdad, dans le quartier de Sadr City, des combats entre les miliciens de Moqtada Sadr et les forces américaines ont fait au moins une vingtaine de morts. In 2008, Lt. Col. MacMillan was serving as the battalion operations officer of 1-68 Armor in 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. However, al-Qaeda elements did conduct suicide and car bomb attacks in the district against Shias. 13 David E.Johnson, M. Wade Markel and Brian Shannon, The 2008 Battle of Sadr City: Reimagining Urban Combat (Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2013), 75. D’intenses combats opposent depuis vingt-quatre heures les combattants de l’Armée du Mehdi, la milice de Moqtada al-Sadr, aux troupes américaines dans la banlieue chiite de Bagdad où s’entassent dans des conditions précaires quelque 800 000 personnes. Eight US troops were killed and 51 more wounded in the bloody battle. Militiamen from the Mahdi Army handed Iraqi soldiers copies of the Koran as a gesture of goodwill. However the curfew remained in effect in Sadr City into April[17] and the ceasefire only lasted until April 6, when US forces, for the first time, started a push into Sadr City, trying to hold the ground gained in an attempt to get the militia mortar teams further away from the Green Zone. Their patrol element was equipped with two HMMWV's, one ASV and small to medium caliber weaponry and were ambushed at Al-Karama Iraqi police station in Sadr City. By March 2008, the urban enclave of 2 million people in northeastern Baghdad had quieted down to the point that just two companies of Stryker Infantry were needed to contain it. u/RebelTactics. of the combat gains in Sadr City with an intensive campaign of providing local security and reconstruction, all comple - mented by information operations. This uprising occurred simultaneously with an offensive launched by Sunni insurgents in western Iraq.[6]. U.S. Apache helicopters provided air support during the battle, launching Hellfire missiles at militiamen and their vehicles. Log In Sign Up. However, during this time a complete reorganisation of the Mahdi Army was conducted and almost all of the criminal and rogue elements of the militia were eliminated by Sadr. On April 6 Iraqi and U.S. forces moved into the southern third of Sadr City to prevent rocket and mortar fire being launched from the area. On the same day seven militants were killed by US tank and helicopter fire in Sadr city. From the Soldiers on the street to the Commanding General, the dramatic change in the tactical landscape demanded mental agility, measured emotional response, and poised leadership. A description of Sadr City from GlobalSecurity.Org: Sadr City is subdivided into six sections. 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In late 2006 Baghdad was more than 80 percent under the control of insurgent forces and so an intense sectarian turf war broke out between Sunni and Shia insurgents, including the Mahdi Army. Message the mods. [11][12] But despite this Coalition raids continued into March 2008. A 1st Cavalry Division mechanized infantry company encounters the enemy in the badlands of Sadr City.

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